Why you should be using Social Media to Market to your customers instead of email

Social Media Let’s face it, Miami is a big city and growing with business every day, and in a sea of local business websites, you most likely have a lot of competitors and pricing, quality, convenience and even uniqueness will always be those points in your marketing. Creating postings with proper keywords, good content and the right call-to-actions can be challenging on its own. But if your able to do this, then you can market yourself for free.

We believe keeping in contact with your customers is better done with Social Media than with Email Marketing. Simply using your Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep customers informed of sales and specials on a monthly or even better weekly basis retains customers and in return, your business gains a “like” on your page, a “share” of your page, a positive review or most importantly their friends may socially spread the word about your products or services that could lead to new customers or if not a “like” on your page. For instance, Likes are merited by Google and other search engines, so this helps you out with organic search results. Shares also receive merit and help spread the word and positive comments back the quality of service you offer. This is a few great reasons why you should use social media instead. But did you know, if you have a WordPress website or even Blog, you can create posts and auto-posts those to your Social Accounts? That alone is powerful since it eliminates the need to login to each social account to post.

We recommend using a blog platform like WordPress to publish to your social pages. WordPress has a plugin called “JetPack” that offers this free service. In fact, there are quite a few other free plugins that do the same with more selection of social media platforms to post too for free. If you’re not well oriented with WordPress installation of plugins, give your webmaster a call and ask him to install and set it up for you. If you don’t have a webmaster and need help, give us a call at 305-497-8196 and we’ll help you get it installed and setup by phone at no cost since its simple to do and takes only 5 minutes. If you can’t be bothered, we can do it all for you for a very small fee.

Now we can see some people disagree here and state for instance that with email marketing your guaranteed it will be sent to the customer. But if you’ve done email marketing, you’ll see that analytics show they all don’t get read. We can argue that email is usually accompanied by spam and customers have friction when dealing with email and may or may not read your email while social media has less friction to none since it’s a decision by your customer whether they want to read your postings or newsletter. And it not as imposing as another email your customer has to open to read. We agree though that email marketing helps, so you could get your cake and eat too by using both. We just wanted to point out that in a nutshell its easier this way and you get more out of it by doing it directly through social media and if you have the choice of either we would suggest to do it this way instead.

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