BluFoot’s next emerging technology deals with Interactive Scrolling

BluFoot TechnologyWith so many different devices accessing the web today, one thing they all have in common is scrolling. To get to more information you have to scroll down the page your viewing. This scrolling can be calculated and triggered by scrolling content into view using animated transitions . You’ll notice this is an increasing change in some of the websites you surf to today. News Apps and other type apps use this approach and it is becoming more common for websites to have this functionality built in.

Our custom framework BluFoot  consists of popular JavaScript libraries and our very own plugin software combined to give our clients cutting edge technology and latest trending designs and development. We’ve been hard at work on ShowTime, our scrolling transitions plugin for Stratosphere Design customers. ShowTime will offer smooth sliding and fading of sections as well as stroke outline and mask animations. This is a win win for our clients since these plugins are a breeze to configure and setup allowing our customers to get a lot for less.

Clients can simply ask for an interactive design and they’ll get ShowTime. ShowTime will be available within the next couple of weeks. We’ll post back here when its released.